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Th​e Tale of Incantations

Our Process

As mentioned in my story below, I like to look at each piece of media as a type of life form, graceful and vulnerable and then mold and design it into a beautiful piece of art meant to be enjoyed by the beholder.  We hand fabricate all stainless steel pieces, hand paint each design and hand craft every item that is sold by Incantations by Karyn.

 All  art created by Incantations has been personally created and attended to by myself or collaborated with my business partner, Richard.  We take special requests and custom orders and strive to please each and every customer with his or her vision in the style, colors and embellishments they desire.  We guarantee that you will love our work whether it be hand designed just for you or one of my many creations that are a result of the creative inspiration I receive from the darkness or the beauty that surrounds us all.

 All of my work is a reflection of my experiences, emotions and inspiration I receive from these experiences.

I time, a scent, a location and most importantly a keepsake of your own nostalgia that you saw fit to adopt into your own lives and homes.  For this, I am eternally grateful.  

Love & Light -Karyn.

An Idea Is Born

Incantations came into fruition in an attempt to portray and process my emotions in the form of art.  My work is of a very personal origin and I choose to express it in many mediums utilizing the experiences of where I have been, where I am now and where I am going.  

Some of these experiences were very hard learned lessons, hitting endless bottoms of loneliness, fear and despair and some were of great accomplishments and joy.  I invite you to join me on this journey and purchase not just a item of jewelry or a furnishing, but you will be taking with you a piece of me that tells my story to be documented in time.

I am so happy you have decided to furnish your home or adorn your body with a one-of-a-kind Incantations piece.  For this, I am eternally grateful.

Love & Light -Karyn & Richard..

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to strive to make each and every customer wanting more; to ensure that anyone who has seen or purchased our work will be awaiting our next creation, line of jewelry, custom work or hand painted furniture design or multi-media jewelry works.

Our Team

Incantations by Karyn

Karyn Faranda
Owner, Designer, Artist

Richard Ballas
Product Designer & Fabricator

Why my customers love me?

I value you as a client and love creating beautiful creations for you!

Taron Gelhar
Great Client

"I purchased an antique ribbon dresser from Karyn.  When I saw this it caught my eye immediately.  It's unique and creative and I fell in love with it.  When I went to pick it up I saw many things that wowed me...furniture, jewelry and much more.  I've finally found my go to place to find unique items for my place.  I received many compliments on my new piece.  Karyn is wonderful with her customers.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know!"

Marilyn Meier
Howard Hanna Realty

I utilized Karyn for my holiday office party this December, 2018 and was hugely impressed with her professionalism, sense of humor, product knowledge and her natural talent for choosing the correct items for my attendees as well as keeping all attendees at ease.  The entire office talked about this venue for weeks and are all happily still wearing her quality and unique jewelry purchased at the venue.  Thank you Karyn, we will definitely be seeing you next year at our office holiday Incantations show!!

Trisha Payne Strom
Delighted Customer

"Karyn is a talented and creative soul.  I purchased an item from her recently as I currently live in Minnesota and knew she would know exactly what to create especially for my Mother and it would be perfect since I would be unable to deliver the gift to her myself.  She succeeded in creating another masterpiece, sealed & delivered it to my mother's home in time for Mother's Day and Mom just loved it.  I definitely recommend her company."

Rick Ray
Wonderful Client

"I recently purchased one of Karyn's hand wrapped copper bracelets.  The overall craftsmanship and uniqueness of the piece is fantastic.  A very talented artist with a wide array of tastes,  She most certainly offers something for everyone in her creations"

Heather Caldwell Martin
Thoughtful & Wonderful Client

"Karyn made a beautiful hand designed and painted table with the colors I requested and it came out beautiful  She even shipped it for free all the way to Virginia.  Extremely unique gifts.  I highly recommend her!"

Contact Us

We love to hear from our customers and receive any feedback or to answer any questions you may have.  I find that my customers really love the personal attention I give to them and how involved I become in their requests for custom the designed pieces that I am frequently working on for them.  I like to involve our customers in the process and get my inspiration from their energy and then I can better tap into their needs or desires for the outcome of their piece.  Any feedback (good or bad) is welcome.  After all, without your feedback how will we know how to improve and grow in our future endeavors?  

Also, this is a great place to write to us about any special orders or custom designed jewelry or home or office furnishings that you are contacting us to design for you.  I would like to thank all my current and loyal customers and to welcome any new customers to communicate with me about any questions or ideas he or she may be pondering for a potential project.

Love & Light - Karyn

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